Shear Impressions provides full salon and spa services to South Austin, Buda, Kyle and San Marcos areas. We provide our clients not only with the essential services; high quality hair cuts, coloring, styling, manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc.., but also the the full spa treatment; massage, facials chemical peels, injectables, etc... Come visit us at our Buda, Texas location and have your spa experience!  When you look good, we look good!
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Spa Therapy


Glo Facial


This facial begins with gentle cleansing and exfoliation. Washing away impurities and soothing the skin. During consultation, your skin type and unique needs will be determined and a customized mask will be used. Skin is nourished and protected with an SPF moisturizer leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

Deep Purifying Facial


Recommended for acne-prone and congested skin but can be customized for sensitive skin. After deep cleansing a Glo Enzyme mask is applied. This aids in elimination of peeling skin and removes dead skin cell build up, stimulating a mild exfoliation and skin renewal, improving texture and tone. Spot treatment for acne and extractions as needed.

Ultimate Hydrating/Anti-Aging Facial


Recommended for stressed, dehydrated and fatigued skin. Helps to improve appearance by softening fine lines and wrinkles and promote collagen. Deep cleansing and exfoliation with an Enzyme mask follows. This treatment prepares the skin by ensuring proper penetration of high anti-oxidants which act to Strengthen and firm skin. Creates a fresh, nourished and glowing complexion.

Professional Exfoliation Treatments $65-$150

Stimulates a fresh appearance by improving fine lines, skin tone, pore size, and moisture level of skin. We offer a variety of chemical peel treatments, including: Enyzme, Lactic, Glycolic, Jessner, and Salicylic. The best suited treatment will be determined during a comprehensive consultation of your skin type and needs

Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment $80

Combined with the Glo Facial

Men's Hot Towel Facial

40 minutes (w/o extractions)


60 minutes (w/extractions)


This facial focuses on the specific skin care needs of men. Steamed towels are used throughout to soften facial hair areas.

Back Treatment

40 minutes (w/o extractions)


60 minutes (w/extractions)


Treat your back to the same indulgent skin care that leaves your face aglow!


Is an exfoliating technique that can be used to enhance a traditional facial or peel. Dermaplaning smooths the skin and removes impuri-ties. It improves skin texture
and evens pigmentation, leaving the skin with a refreshed glow. The non-invasive procedure gently skins the surface layers of the skin sing an exfoliating blade to remove facial downy and hair ( which traps dirt and oil ) The maximum exfoliation allows for deeper penetration of skincare products and allows for a more flawless make-up application. It is also an effective treatment for the reduction of acne scarring and fine lines.
Add on to any treatment:  




Exfoliating Hand Treatment






Brow Wax Touch-Up




Lash Tint


Brow Sculpting


Face Wax


Brow Tint






Brow Tint & Brow Wax


Lip & Brow Combo


Full Arm


Ear Piercing


Chin & Jaw Line


Back Wax


Glo Mineral Makeup Application


Knee Down


Bikini Line


Full Legs



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